Schematics of Attention, 2023
Composer & Sound Designer

Composed and produced the original score and sound design for a durational performance piece (~45 minutes) by Julianna Johnston, entitled Schematics of Attention, performed at UCLA Broad Art Center on 09 May 2023. 

Julianna Johnston

Sound Design:
Lou Tandon

Bailey Mahaffey
Robbie Button
Jessica Warshal
Sydney Richardson
Kalea Escobosa
Rachel Odebunmi
Lilah Horton
Aurora Mititelu
Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou
Jacqueline Tsai

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Heart Over Mind - Alan Walker ft. Daya

Engineer, Vocals 


The Eyes of Argus, 2022
Composer, Sound Designer, Performer 

Live scored a multimedia performance artwork featuring live dancers, created and directed by Julianna Johnston with additional research provided by Athena Wasborn. Performed the live score with electronics, original sound design based on provided research and real time effects processing inspired by the dancer’s movements, the changing media in front of me and the director’s cues. Score recut for documentation purposes.  

Film shown at the Athens Digital Art Film Festival, Fall 2022. 


Julianna Johnston

Rebecca Shapass

Sound Design:
Lou Tandon

Inbar Hagai
Jacqueline Tsai

Research Collaborator:
Athena Wasborn

Argus Dancer:
Kevin Ocampo

Io Dancers:
Anisha Baid
Abby Baldwin
Connor Berndt
Theo Bliss
Grace Lopez
Crescent Pilewski
Ava Shannon
Cole Sears
London Williams

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Tofana - Acid Rain
Songwriter, Producer, Mix Engineer

Acid Rain by Tofana
Written by Jules Johnston, Jacqueline Tsai and Lou Tandon.
Produced, mixed and recorded by Lou Tandon.
Mastered by Jake Berntsen.


Purgatory Hotties - Goth Moth

Composer, Producer, Mix Engineer

Music written, produced and mixed by Jacqueline Tsai and Lou Tandon.
Animation by Lou Tandon. 


Untitled (solo work) by Lou Tandon.

Music and mixed media visual by Lou Tandon.


RODEO by Zoe + Lou

Co-Written and Produced by
Zoe Scruggs and Lou Tandon

Cover Art by
Zoe Scruggs and Lou Tandon

Fall 2020

Deeply Bloom by Sayshel Lou

Written, Produced and Recorded by
Lou Tandon

Cover Art by Lou Tandon

Fall/Spring 2019
On Bandcamp