Lou Tandon is a painter and composer/producer from Pittsburgh, PA. They make figurative paintings and drawings and write alternative music with the bass and their computer. Inspired by somatics, their works seek to reflect the ways that different life experiences layer, exist with the mind/body and shift our present. Lou’s work stems from a deep interest in color (musical and visual) and from questioning how perception, gender and systems confront the physical and inner self. 

Lou Tandon earned a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA in Computer Music and Multimedia from Brown University through the Dual Degree Program. They currently live and work in Pittsburgh. Tandon is a recipient of the Brand Musical Premium Award, a Co-Residency at Bunker Projects, a scholarship for residency at the Vermont Studio Center, a residency at the Brew House Association Distillery Program and a grant from the Brown Arts Initiative.